Baltic Truth: A First Look

Tags: Antisemitism, Holocaust, Memory, History, Education, Causes

A new documentary that challenges Holocaust deniers by weaving firsthand accounts to depict the killing fields of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

We are living through a moment in history when the past wrongs of public figures are being thrown wildly into international spotlight, and nations and their leaders are being held to account by their citizens and supporters right alongside their detractors. Now is the ideal time to redouble our efforts not to lose the battle for truth to the passage of the years.

Many people feel satisfied with their knowledge of the horrors of the Holocaust, and the concept of detachment from such a grisly past seems to be embracing a new generation.

This film will reveal the little known truth about the collaboration with the Nazi regime in the Baltic States; how neighbor turned on neighbor without hesitation, prompting a massacre of unbelievable proportions; how it has all been kept under wraps throughout the last century, with the perpetrators of attempted genocide even being honored and celebrated by their fellow countrymen to this very day.

Today, national memorials to the murderers lie feet away from the graves of their victims. Today, glorification of so called “heroes” with Jewish blood on their hands is in full swing across the Baltic States, where history is being rewritten and distorted.

Baltic Truth is a story with deep implications for the present and future, and when society allows the truth of history to be swept aside and responsibility is denied, justice must have a voice.


With filming already begun on location in US, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, interviews with historical experts, authors, professors, and survivors make up just some of the fascinating subjects participating. With your help, together we can support this unparalleled, gripping film that will reach into the heart of every viewer, and inspire them to seek justice and truth wherever they go in life.

The Israel Forever Foundation is proud to serve as an educational partner and fiscal sponsor on this important effort to document history and combat the burying of the facts.


Explore the connection between Holocaust, Hope and Israel in our effort to remember and make meaning out of our history as a people.

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Tags: Antisemitism, Holocaust, Memory, History, Education, Causes