Why Telling the Baltic Truth Matters

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What comes to mind when you hear the word Holocaust? How many times has this word has been repeated by scholars and politicians, anti-Semites and supporters of Jews, members of clergy and members of various congregations?

How many books and movies, pieces of music and plays are devoted to these atrocities on a mass scale in the history of humankind? How many controversies around this word have we seen and heard? Whatever information has been found, the idea of organizing parades and building monuments to those who tortured and killed Jews is being justified by individuals honoring these criminals as heroes.

Jeff Hoffman, cinematographer, at Bikernieki Memorial - Riga, Latvia

Baltic Truth is the film that challenges these Holocaust deniers and those who support Antisemitism by weaving firsthand accounts through location filming and interviews to depict these killing fields in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Baltic Truth is not just another film about the Holocaust. The makers of this documentary approach the topic from the idea that the Holocaust is not only about Jews and Germans; it is about the eager involvement of local populations, who led and participated in the killing of Jewish men, women and children in the Baltic States. The accounting of these executioners is a story that must be told.

What motivated fellow citizens, teachers, and classmates, to undertake the massacre of Jews, whom they lived alongside for generations?

Over 74 years have passed since the Holocaust. This film counters the misinformation that modern governments and historians have been trying to conceal from the public. The documentary Baltic Truth presents the opportunity to learn the facts firsthand from the survivors, their descendants, and just people who care about the longevity of their memory in future generations.

Concentration camp survivor Nadezhda Kipich with Andrej Hramcov - Salispils, Latvia

With filming already begun on location in US, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, interviews with historical experts, authors, professors, and survivors make up just some of the fascinating subjects participating. With your help, together we can support this unparalleled, gripping film that will reach into the heart of every viewer, and inspire them to seek justice and truth wherever they go in life.

“Forgetfulness leads to exile while remembrance is the secret of redemption.”


Explore the connection between Holocaust, Hope and Israel in our effort to remember and make meaning out of our history as a people.

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Tags: Antisemitism, Memory, History, Education, Causes