Israel Engagement

Want to make a difference in how the world sees and understands Israel?

Come be a part of an incredible opportunity to share your voice as a part of a global community committed to celebrating and strengthening a meaningful personal connection to Israel for people around the world.

What can you do?

Join one of these fabulous initiatives developed by the great social media activists in Israel and Inspire Israel™ today!

Israel Connections Network

Israel Connections Network

To welcome people from all over the world in virtual connections
The Ultimate Israel Meme

The Ultimate Israel Meme

To create and promote an ongoing series of memes that reflect the many dimensions of Israel.
Birthright Connect Social Media

Birthright Connect Social Media

Birthright particpants will share reflections, videos, and more with fellow young adults around the world.

Looking for other ways to make a difference for Israel and the Jewish People?

Inspire Israel™ in others today!

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