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Like Its Security Measures, Israel’s Nationalism Is a Model to Emulate
By Einat Wilf

According to Einat Wilf, Israel has one glaring problem: lousy timing. Most of Israel’s apparent problems, certainly the ones its critics claim it has, emerge from Israel’s repeated inability to be synchronized with prevailing global moods.


Stab me twice, shame on you
By Jonathan Feldstein

Israel Forever Blogger, Jonathan Feldstein, discusses the December 23, 2016 UN Security Council Resolution 2334, and his opinion on how although President Obama has assured Israel he has our back, what happened at the U.N. was no less than his stabbing us in the back.


The Case for Israel is Rooted in More than Security
By Jeff Jacoby

Diplomacy is not Bible class. Yet why should Israel and its envoys shrink from making the fullest defense of Jewish rights in what was always the Jewish homeland?


The July 9th Symposium: 10 Years and Counting...

Watch the proceedings from the July 9, 2014,symposium in Washington, DC. Speakers assessed 10 years since the unjust Advisory Opinion by The International Court of Justice on the Construction of Israel's Terrorism Prevention Security Fence, and will feature panel discussions from international experts addressing related topics.

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No Perfect Answers: My 2 Years As An IDF Spokesperson
By Barak Raz

Barak Raz reflects on his 2 years representing the IDF. During these 2 years all he did, night and day was live, sleep, eat and breathe the various dilemmas the IDF faces when conducting an ongoing security effort in this volatile region. He, like most people, share the hopes for a brighter future.

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