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International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year.

There are so many inspiring women of Israel from Golda Meir to Hannah Senesh, women of the IDF to incredible mothers who have lost their lives (z”l) protecting their children in terror attacks.

Here are some of the women who inspire us. Who are some of the women who inspire you?

Women of Israel: Karen Rubinstein
By Rabbi Vernon Kurtz

Serving the American Zionist Movement for nearly 40 years as Executive Director, Karen Rubinstein achieved a tremendous amount for the sake of Israel and the Jewish people, always advancing our collective cause of fulfilling the Zionist dream.


Women of Israel: Sarri Singer
By Heidi Krizer Daroff

Sarri Singer extends her hand and her heart around the globe. As the victim of a 2003 Palestinian terror attack, she takes every opportunity to speak out against terror on behalf of the victims.


Women of Israel: Phyllis Greenberg Heideman
By Ariana Heideman Tipograph

“There are millions of people in the world who have the ability to direct their attention towards various global issues of great importance. But we are Jews and it is our responsibility to fight the Jewish fight.”


Women of Israel: Barbara Goldstein
By Dr. Elana Yael Heideman

In my encounters with Barbara, I watched real activism in action. She was, for me, an example of what any woman could achieve if they believed enough in themselves and in their cause.

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Women of Israel: Marla Bennett
By Molly Livingstone

Marla was a giving tree. Her roots have been planted here. She inspires me even today, to be a good person. To give to others. To love this country and make it a place that everyone can see the light of Jerusalem Gold.

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Women of Israel: Sherri Mandell
By Jonathan Feldstein

Sherri Mandell would rather not be in the limelight, not on International Women's Day and not on any other day. Sherri is thoughtful, soft spoken, and has an infectious laugh. Considering all that she’s been through, that she is able to laugh at all is a miracle.


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