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Don’t let the cleaning blues get you down. Add these songs, videos, and inspirational stories to your Passover to do list and rock on til the oven’s clean (and everything else is ready for the Seder).

Why is this Passover video different from all other Passover videos?

A classic Pesach (Passover) song with a SHTAR twist. You won't believe Ma Nishtana could sound so good.

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Seder songs like you’ve never heard before

Sure the seder has the same songs that we sing around the table, but that doesn’t mean we all have to sing the same tune, does it? We tend to beat to our own drum, and the seder table should be no different. Check out some of our favorite takes on the way Passover could sound.

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Passover Meanings: The Mizrahi Exodus
By Eric Gartman

Passover tells the story of the Exodus from Egypt, when the ancient Israelites returned to the Promised Land. More recently, another exodus took place: the return of Jews from Arab lands to Israel. These people were known as Mizrahi Jews, meaning “eastern” Jews, as they hailed from lands east of Europe.

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Google Exodus Passover Movie

What would Passover be like if it had taken place in the digital age?

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Midnight Escape - "Bachatzi Halayla"

A contemporary take on the liberation of the Jewish people on Passover, with the midnight dash out of Egypt mirrored in the sprint through the streets of Jerusalem.

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"Simcha Raba" - Spring Has Arrived, Pesach is Coming

Spring is here, Passover is coming! Enjoy listening to a song of Israel, celebrating the Jewish holiday of Passover.

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