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Shalom friends,

Jewish Americans, like most diaspora Jews, feel deeply connected and committed to Israel, our one and only Jewish State.

From American pilots helped in the War of Independence in 1948 to lone soldiers who continue to join their brethren in Israel and serve in the Israeli Defense Forces.

They are young. They are old. Immigrants to America as well as families who have called America home for generations. What do they all have in common? All were American Jews and all dedicated time and energy to ensuring Israel Forever!

Join us as we join our American Jewish community in honoring American Jewish Heritage Month (AJHM), a month dedicated to highlighting the achievements of Jewish Americans.

The Extraordinary Zionist Congress
By Israel Forever Staff

The Conference platform “urged that the gates of Palestine be opened; that the Jewish Agency be vested with control of immigration into Palestine and with the necessary authority for upbuilding the country."

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The Birth of The Israeli Air Force: The Israel Forever Foundation

Former World War II pilots, mostly from America, helped in forming The Israeli Air Force. Watch their story!

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American Lone Soldiers in the IDF

This documentary explores what makes the Lone Soldier experience so amazing, and what motivates people to leave their homes and move half way around the world to serve in an army.

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Two Views: One Connection

American Jewry and the Israel dilemma

The Case for Israel in the Life of American Jewry
By Rabbi David Wolpe

Those of us who live in the diaspora have an obligation to defend Israel in whatever way we can. It is the 'tax' for not living there, so to speak. For every Jew who take her or his tradition seriously, Israel remains close to our hearts, and whatever our political leanings, we owe it our fidelity and frequent presence and our love.

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Israel Makes American Jews Crazy
By Kenneth Cohen

Why do moderate, thoughtful, liberal minded people - who usually support all the "right" political and social causes get so emotional when it comes to Israel?

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