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The concept of a National Jewish Home in Palestine, as set forth in the Balfour Declaration, was approved by the League of Nations Council on July 24, 1922, in London.

The Jewish community in Britain is currently comprised of around 300,000 people who continue to thrive in their ability to integrate fully into society and, simultaneously, uphold their Jewish identity. In such a vibrant community, it is important to understand the relationship Britain shares with the Jewish people as well as its personal connection to the State of Israel.

Come join us in learning more about the historical, unique and ongoing relationship shared between these two great nations.

Britain and Israel: A Tenuous yet Vibrant History
By Dana Houri

The relationship between Britain and Israel today is drawn from a long history of Jewish presence and involvement in British society. From badges to Balfour and onward, the contemporary support of Israel emerges as a beacon of light toward a bright future for Jews in England.

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Mandate Palestine: A Legacy of Zionism
By Eli E. Hertz

The League of Nations in 1922, published the legally binding document, "Mandate for Palestine." The Mandate's roots can be traced to the founding of modern Zionism in August 1897 and the Balfour Declaration of November 1917.

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When World Powers Agreed on Zionist Dream
By Ashley Perry

There can be no denying that the Balfour Declaration was unique, not only in Jewish history, but possibly in the history of national movements. For a short period, all the major powers, the leader of the Arab world and most interested parties created a mechanism to fulfill the Zionist dream.

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A Jewish Right to a Jewish Land
By Rabbi Lazer Gurkow

We are in Israel is because it belongs to us and we belong to it. It is no less a part of our Jewishness than the Torah. We don’t require legal arguments or scientific proof to justify our claim to Israel. To us, Israel and the Jew belong to each other because it is inherent in our heritage.

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Six Facts You Must Know About The Balfour Declaration and the Right to a Jewish National Homeland

Balfour in six easy steps. Whether you are a history buff, an avid Israel advocate, or just want to have the facts straight, here is a quick guide to help you out.

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