Celebrating The Balfour Declaration in Pictures
Remember the Exodus: For All These Things
Sailing Home: Reflections on the Exodus 1947 through Art
Dawn on the Horizon: Survivor of Sobibor on the Exodus Journey
Bring the Exodus Exhibition and Memorial Project to your Community
The Exodus 1947: A global cry for Jewish justice
Exodus 1947: Stories Of Members Of The Crew
Memorializing Exodus

Jul 12, 2017

Memorializing Exodus

Interview with a Survivor of The Exodus
Children Of The Exodus

Jul 12, 2017

Children Of The Exodus

Teaching Exodus

Jul 11, 2017

Teaching Exodus

Exodus 1947: History in the Making
A Struggle for Survival: A Testimony of Life on Exodus 1947
Michael Oren, Ambassador, Israel
TBD Balfour Blog by Hilik
Like Its Security Measures, Israel’s Nationalism Is a Model to Emulate
Dialogue with an American friend on the status quo and Israel’s future
Myths and Madness in the Middle East
Here’s how we’re getting it wrong on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Stab me twice, shame on you
UNESCO and Jerusalem

Dec 4, 2016

UNESCO and Jerusalem

Affirmation to Delegitimization: The UN Vote Then and Now
Beating BDS

Nov 28, 2016

Beating BDS

Confused about UNESCO? What You Need To Know Top 16 Links
Aliyah, Israel, Zionism, Inspiration and Hope, French
Diplomacy, Law, Politics
What’s Wrong with Re-Affirming Israel’s Jewish and Democratic Character?
Israeli flag-American flag
Israel, Democracy
Women of Israel: Golda Meir
Ode to the Zionist Congress
Shir la Giborim / A Song for Our Heroes
Why the Jews?

Aug 3, 2015

Why the Jews?

10 Years Later - How BDS Became the Politically Correct Way to Delegitimize Israel
Hasbara: Why Am I Still Doing This?
Top 7 Destinations in Jerusalem
Holding Sponsors of Terror Legally Accountable
Legal Implications of Israel's Terrorism Prevention Security Fence
Freedoms and Limitations: Israel in the International Media
The Laundering of Delegitimization under Universal Human Values.
RSVP for Freedoms and Limitations: Israel in the International Media
Herzl's Switzerland Plan
Long Island’s Celebrate Israel Festival
It Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl
Theodor Herzl and the Birth of Political Zionism
Theodor Herzl: Founder of Modern Zionism
Have You Heard of Herzl Day?
How YOU in the Diaspora can VOTE TOO
I am a Zionist by Yair Lapid
In Three Minutes You Can Effect Change For Israel
Israel’s Message of Liberty
Election's Made Easy

Mar 17, 2015

Election's Made Easy

A Page from History: Israel's First National Elections
Why Israeli Elections Really Matter
Modern Anti-Semitism: Bernard-Henri Lévy at the UN
Jewish and Democratic?

Jan 19, 2015

Jewish and Democratic?

A Reminder: Israel is a Jewish State
38 Female IAF Pilots Shatter the Glass Firmament
If I Were Israeli…

Dec 9, 2014

If I Were Israeli…

Times of Israel

In Defense of Israel - Ron Prosor at the UN
In Defense of Zionism

Nov 10, 2014

In Defense of Zionism

Liberalism, Zionism and False Contradictions

Sep 10, 2014

Liberalism, Zionism and False Contradictions

The Washington Post

Israeli Parliament Bans Discrimination Against LGBT Youth
People: Golda Meir

Apr 6, 2014

People: Golda Meir

How To Talk About Israel?
The Story Of A Vote - November 29th, 1947
The Israel Focus Of Tomorrow