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The Land

Eretz Yisrael     ארץ ישראל
Israel as a geographic, environmental entity

The history of the Jewish People is intricately linked with the Land of Israel. This ancient relationship affirms the Jewish right to a national home on the soil of our ancestors. Accordingly, we inherit a responsibility to protect this land and its resources to ensure a continued existence for generations to come. This dimension of Israel is cultivated through IFF initiatives which:

  • Perpetuate the historical significance of the Land of Israel
  • Outline the unique nature of Israel’s geography
  • Uphold the sustainability of Israel’s environment: desert lands, water, forests, rural and urbanized areas
  • Represent the diverse wildlife native to Israel
  • Illustrate the role of Israel in the bird migrations and its global effects

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Plant Israel At Home

Plant Israel At Home

Grow Your Love For Israel with our Plant Israel at Home activities and engage your family, students of whole community in planting your very own Israel garden!

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