Israel in My Art


Many find their connection to Israel through biblical stories, some through her rich culture, and some through her beauty and artistic attributes. ISRAEL IN MY ART is a unique arts program designed to engage your inner artist with the various mediums of artistic expression to celebrate and strengthen your Israel Connection.

For over two millennia Israel has been an integral part of the Jewish narrative. Whether you have visited Israel in person or on the web, recited prayers for Israel, or read about her beauty, you know that the landscapes of Israel and the stories of her people have given birth to countless breathtaking forms of art. We invite you to join our global effort to collect and celebrate the photographs, paintings, and various other mediums of artistic displays of ancient and modern day Israel.

Together, we will create a virtual gallery that reflects the creativity and aesthetic qualities of Israel for future generations to observe and enjoy.

Celebrate and deepen your connection to the land, the people, the history and add Israel to your Art today!

Join fellow Jews around the globe who are creating their own Israel artistic expressions!

Share Israel in My Art and inspire others with your personal reflection of Israel's beauty and meaning.

Explore and Connect with Israel and Art!

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