Every year, young men and women from around the world come to serve in the Israeli army - far away from their families and communities - as a demonstration of their connection with and commitment to Israel. We aim to spread awareness of their stories, their experiences, and their reflections to inspire others through their selfless giving in service of our one and only Jewish State. Together, we become their family of support and encouragement!

All information presented by and pertaining to the Lone Soldier Project™ is non-partisan and exists solely to share information about Lone Soldiers.

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Far away from their families and friends, Lone Soldiers on the front lines today need our help

Whether through sending supplies or notes of encouragement, we can each support the Soldiers who have voluntarily joined the IDF from abroad. In addition to sponsoring our own experiential days of learning and the Lone Soldier Leadership Seminar, we work with various organizations in Israel that give support directly to the soldiers, allowing us to reach them wherever they may be and through whichever initiative they may be connected.


There is nothing better than affecting lives directly and you can help make this happen! Every dollar counts!

The Lone Soldier Connection


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Stories of Interest For Parents Of Lone Soldiers:

Someone To Watch Over Him: My Lone Soldier


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