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She is a physical entity, a land, a country, a state.
She is a national reality, a people, a history, and a legacy.
She is a spiritual body, a culture, a tradition that passes down through the generations.

Come explore Israel through her past, present and her significance as a modern, Jewish, democratic state. Through our collective commitment, we can celebrate and strengthen the role of Israel as the shared enterprise of all Jews and a central component of civilization, modernity, and humanity.

The People

The People

The people of Israel are scattered throughout the world. After years of exile in the Diaspora, the birth of a Jewish state has fostered the growth of a community in our ancient homeland.

The History

The History

Israel’s history is measured by eras of development, destruction, persecution, liberation, all of which have shaped and been shaped by ancestry, religion, and culture.

The Land

The Land

The history of the Jewish People is intricately linked with the Land of Israel. This ancient relationship affirms the Jewish right to a national home on the soil of our ancestors

The State

The State

The establishment of the State of Israel marked a drastic change in the existence of the Jewish People.

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