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Are you a Virtual Citizen of Israel™? Want to invite fellow friends and family to join your flag waving, card holding pride? Complete the form below to send an invite letter so they can join in the virtual world of Israel lovers and supporters. Or, send the message from your own email account.

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As a valued Israel supporter, you have been recruited by (Your Name) to join The Israel Forever Foundation as a Virtual Citizen of Israel™. Becoming a VCI will allow you to show your devotion to the State of Israel and to become united with a global virtual community of fellow citizens of the world that share the respect, pride, and commitment to Israel.

This is a one of a kind program that demonstrates more than just the support of Israel, but a celebration of the pride we all share. VCIs are given the opportunity to connect online, offer ideas, write for the IFF Blog, and be introduced to special opportunities and programs through Israel Forever. This new chance is just the next step to personally connect you to the one and only Jewish country in the world.

Click here to visit and declare yourself a Virtual Citizen of Israel™!

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