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Israel Forever Speaker's Bureau


The Israel Forever Speakers Bureau provides Israel-oriented speakers the opportunity to present their ideas and experiences to a wide range of audiences looking to celebrate and strengthen the personal connection to Israel.



  • From the Bible to Modern Day: Israel in Jewish Life and Identity
  • Why Israel Matters
  • The Lone Soldier Experience: Personal Encounters with Former Lone Soldiers
  • Building Israel: Generations of Commitment
  • A Light Unto the Nations: Israel and the Moral Compass
  • Unity with Diversity: Israel's Multicultural Society
  • Israel Engagement: Balancing Hasbara and Advocacy
  • Contributing to Humanity: Israel's Value in the World
  • Religion and Israel: Finding a Balance
  • From a Distance - Making Israel Personal
  • Volunteering in Israel: Experiences and Insights
  • Israel and Our Kids: How to Raise an Israel-connected Family

By helping to Inspire Israel in others through engaging experiences, participants will deepen their connection to Israel in a positive and inspirational way.

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