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The People

Am Yisrael עם ישראל
Israel as a global community

The people of Israel are scattered throughout the world. After years of exile in the Diaspora, the birth of a Jewish state has fostered the growth of a community in our ancient homeland. The connection between all Jews of the world is essential to our future. This dimension of Israel Forever examines:

  • Emphasizing the history of Israel as a nation
  • Forging a more unified identification in our historic homeland that fulfills the desires of our multi-cultural global society
  • Building a united Jewish peoplehood as a factor of our national sustainability
  • Understanding the meaning and definition of our nationhood and Jewishness as something that unites both our historical religion and traditions with a strong national identity
  • Fostering the realization and fulfillment of Jewish identity for both Diaspora and Israeli life
  • Bridging our various community dynamics: domestic, national and international
  • Strengthening solidarity through leadership development

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Individually Israel™

Individually Israel™

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Israel Forever Ambassadors

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We love to bring attention to the people, stories, experiences and memories that make Israel such a dynamic and passionate part of our national reality.

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