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Strengthen The South

Tags: Israel Engagement, Advocacy

By Margot Lurie

Shalom everyone. This post was written by Margot Lurie, an IFF Ambassador who worked as an intern with Israel Forever last summer and then made Aliyah in December with the Garin Tzabar program. She is currently in the initial stages of her army service and shared with me this email on Sunday.

Hi All,

If you’ve been following the news recently, you might have heard about the rocket attacks in Israel. For those of you who haven’t heard, terrorists in the Gaza Strip have launched 90+ rockets into Israel over the past 24 hours, targeting over 1 million Israeli civilians living in the southern region of Israel.

That’s where I live.

My kibbutz, Kibbutz Holit, which is part of the Eshkol Regional Council, has thankfully not had a rocket land inside so far. Other kibbutzim and places nearby (including Eshkol Regional Council, Ashdod, Beer Sheva, and more) are not so lucky. All Purim (Jewish Holiday) celebrations have been canceled, along with other festivals such as Darom Adom, which celebrates the rare wildflower Calaniot (anemones), as it is too dangerous to hold any gathering for fear of rocket attacks.

When the Israeli systems detect a rocket attack, we have 15 seconds to run for cover. For those of us who are young, that usually isn’t a problem, provided that there is a bomb shelter within a 15-second sprinting distance – but I can’t even imagine what it is like to have small children or an elderly grandparent who is not so mobile. At this point in Holit, sleeping with the front door unlocked is safer than locked, because in the case of a rocket, it will be easier to run to the bomb shelter outside.

I am currently with family in Jerusalem, and am waiting for the situation to calm down before I return home. Even though my kibbutz has not experienced a rocket attack, it is dangerous to travel on the roads to the kibbutz because of the rocket attacks.

It is outright appalling how CNN reports that “Israeli forces target Gaza, kill 13″ and writes nothing about the rocket attacks. The Israeli army targets terrorists and terrorists only – the 13 killed were terrorists who were responsible for plotting and carrying out terrorist attacks last August which killed 8, as well rocket attacks more recently. (,7340,L-4200671,00.html) Gazan terrorists target CIVILIANS and they have launched rockets from schools, hospitals, graveyards, and more.

Apparently the American media does not care to inform you that I, along with MILLIONS of other civilians here in Israel are under attack.

There is no petition to sign, there is no organized protest or lobby or event… I am simply asking that you be aware of the truth, and care about it.

With love from Jerusalem and lots of hope that I can return to my home base soon-


Since this was written, over 140 more missiles have fallen, even after a cease fire was declared.

We invite everyone to share their blessings and messages of hope for the people of Israel as we are again attacked by those who seek to destroy us.

This is not politics, my friends. This is reality.

Left, right, center – one thing must be declared to the world:

This is Israel and we will continue to fight for her survival.

Let us be a part of ensuring that Israel is indeed Forever and that those under attack know that there are people around the world who care, who are committed, and who share in the hope for peace as Virtual Citizens of Israel™.



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Tags: Israel Engagement, Advocacy

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