Local Flavors, Global Community:The Galileat Experience
Why Herzl Matters

Sep 24, 2019

Why Herzl Matters

Unity and Division: Herzl’s Challenge
My IDF Vacation with Sar-el
Shifting Perspectives: Reactions vs Reality
Never Again, Again?

Sep 11, 2019

Never Again, Again?

Mass Media and Personal Bias
Without Israel, Where Else?
Why You Should Support this Organization
Heart and Sole: Rosh Hashanah Young Professionals 10 minute Meetup for Making a Difference
Israel at my Jewish Core
Learning the true meaning of Community
Open Letter to Gap Year Graduates
Standing Alone, Together - Parashat Balak
 Impulsive Action vs Thoughtful Leadership: Parashat Chukat
From Far Away to Finding Home
Out Of My Comfort Zone

Jul 10, 2019

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Letter From the Heart: Yearning For More
modern day korach meet the challenge
Discovering My Definition of Israel
A Boy Discovering his World
 My Israel: The Growth of My Jewish Soul
Building a Homeland in a Hostile Environment
Introducing Israel Forever Interns - Summer of 2019
The Moments That Led Me Here
A love passed down through the generations
8 Things you need to know about the Kotel and the Temple Mount

Jun 17, 2019


My Herzl Youth Essay Competition
From Tel Aviv to Your Table: Top 5 Israel-inspired Vegan Dishes
70 Names of Jerusalem Art Activity
Tehillim for Netanel: A Name in Prayer
Uncomplicating My Identity by Connecting to Israel
Antisemitism Every Day
March for the Future

Apr 30, 2019

March for the Future

Be my Guide: Explore and Reveal Communities of Israel
Got Israel at Your Seder?
Rights and Responsibilities of Living in Israel - Parashat Metzora
The VCI Voice: Democracy in Action
Free Speech: A Double-Edged Sword - Parashat Tazria
Shoot for the Moon - An Israel Moon Mission Activity
Israel is a miracle

Mar 28, 2019

Israel is a miracle

Consumed by the Fire of Commitment - Parshat Shemini
Why the Nation of Israel is the World’s Best Nation
Eye On The Maccabiah

Mar 24, 2019

Eye On The Maccabiah

Meeting the Miracle Nation: The Power Of  a Name
Sharing in the memories of the Miracle Nation
Israeli Apartheid: Beyond the Lies
The Civilization that Refuses to Die: Parashat Tzav
The Purim Story as a Model for Fighting anti-Semitism
Watch Your Salt: Parashat Vayikra
7 Ways to fight Israeli Apartheid Lies
5 Purim basket ideas for making your mishloah manot more meaningful
Celebrated for Action: Purim Story as a model for today
Standing Up to Israel Apartheid Week
Strength in Unity: Parashat Pekudei
PURIM CONNECTION: Share your heart through Purim baskets for Israel’s soldiers and survivors of terror
The Spirit of Community: Parashat Vayakhel
No Jew Has to Be a Jew Alone
Book Review: The Prime Ministers
House of Israel as a Portal for Israel Advocacy
Dressed for the Occasion of  Jewish Leadership: Parashat Tetzaveh

Feb 8, 2019


Wood in the Desert: An ancient symbol for an eternal connection
The Prime Ministers

Feb 3, 2019

The Prime Ministers

Intersecting Identities Activity
Turning Trash Into Art

Jan 31, 2019

Turning Trash Into Art

What Really Makes Us Free by Elie Wiesel
Jewish Solidarity in Action: Jewish Women Pray in Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, for Netanel, Wounded IDF Soldier
The Power of Empathy | Parashat Mishpatim
Excerpt of "Come Back For Me"
Book Review of "Come Back For Me"
Come Back For Me

Jan 22, 2019

Come Back For Me

Graffiti Meets Food At Shuk Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem
Song of Defiance | Parashat Beshalach
Looking Back and Moving Forward: Israel Forever on the Rise
Focsani Congress of 1882: Advancing Jewish Settlement in Our Ancestral Home
I was born in Argentina with Israel in my heart
Strength in Community: Women's Prayer for the Healing of Netanel Felber
The Necessity of Asking Questions | Parashat Bo
From Brazil to Israel - Where I Feel Safe, Where I Belong
Israel - The Capital For Jewish Vegan Lifestyle
Rabbi Sacks: The Arabs Are Our Cousins, Not The Muslims
The Surprising Freedom of Israel
What Israel Forever Has Taught Me
Special Prayer at the Kotel for Netanel Felber
Who Am I? | Parashat Shemot
Helena’s Israel

Dec 17, 2018

Helena’s Israel

Prayer for Healing | Refuah Shlema
Appeasement or Forgiveness? Parashat Vayechi
Sign The Petition! AirBNB Standards For Israel Must Be Equal and Nondiscriminatory
The Freedom to Shape Our Destiny: Parashat Vayechi
Unfinished Journey: The Path to Jewish Independence
Preserving Holocaust Memory Through Jewelry
Dreidel: The Wisdom of the Game
The Light of Chanukah: Jewish Freedom and the Dark Times in Between
Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands