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Gate of Mercy - Shaar HaRachamim

The Gate of Mercy (aka Golden Gate) in Jerusalem's Old City walls is a symbol of (much awaited) salvation. In Jewish tradition, this is where the Messiah will enter the Old City, coming from the Mt of Olives. The gate is blocked since the 16th century.

Music by Meir Banai

I going around in the old city
Mistovev ba'ir hayeshanah
and noise comes from every corner
vera'ash ba mikol pinah
I already know,
ani makir kvar
I know my way already
makir kvar et darki
on the way to the gate of mercy
baderech lesha'ar harachamim

I don't look around
Lo mabit saviv
I don't listen
lo mak'shiv
I'm a dreaming man
ish cholem ani
and so it was always
vekach hayah tamid
but I already know
aval makir kvar
I know my way already
makir kvar et darki
on the way to the gate of mercy
baderech lesha'ar harachamim

I live once, just once
Chay pa'am rak pa'am
there's a sense, there's no sense
yesh ta'am ein ta'am
with strength, without strength
im ko'ach bli ko'ach
the gate of mercy.
sha'ar harachamim.
Come with me together
Bo'i iti yachad
come from the midst of fear
bo'i mitoch hapachad
because you, you are also a part
ki at, gam at chelek
of the gate of mercy.
misha'ar harachamim.

The sign boards over the stores
Hash'latim me'al hachanuyot
they watch over the streets
mash'kifim, al har'chovot
in my heart there's a scream and it's great
betoch libi yesh tze'akah ve'hi g'dolah
show me the gate of mercy.
har'u li et sha'ar harachamim.

I live once, just once...
Chay pa'am rak pa'am...


10 Words to Learn

city - ir - עיר
noise - ra'ash - רעש
gate - sha'ar - שער
mercy - rachamim - רחמים
to listen - le'hakshiv - להקשיב
always - tamid - תמיד
strength - coach - כוח
fear - pachad - פחד
heart - lev - לב
outcry - ze'akah - זעקה

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