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Sam Glaser's Acapella of Dancing in Jerusalem

Enjoy Sam Glaser's Acapella rendition of 'Dancing in Jerusalem' during his interview with The Israel Forever Foundation's North American Director, Heidi Krizer Daroff.


“God will fulfill your heart’s desire Take you to the place you want to go” Keep dreaming of the land of your history And you’re walking the streets before you know

On wings of eagles they took to the sky Not sure how this magic carpet would fly Then cries of joy at the first Shalom 50,000 Yemenites coming home

My heart is dancing in Jerusalem

Next came Ezra and Nechemia Redeeming our brothers of Babylon 2000 years in the shuq of Bagdad Soon every last soul would come along

Though it seemed impossible to achieve Morocco’s Jews were the next to leave They’re a pillar of the temple of Solomon Hear the sound of French ringing through Zion

My heart is dancing in Jerusalem

Soon we’ll be dancing in Jerusalem The whole world dancing in Jerusalem

V’lirushalayim ir’cha B’rachamim tashuv V’tishkon b’tocha Ka’asher dibarta

Beta Israel watched in awe From the tribe of Dan in Ethiopia Slipping through the border of the Sudan They crossed the desert to reach their land

We marched for the rights of refusnikim To help them realize their aliyah dream After 70 years of a living hell See the celebration when that curtain fell

My heart is dancing in Jerusalem

Soon we’ll be dancing in Jerusalem The whole world dancing in Jerusalem Your heart is dancing in Jerusalem Time to come home to Jerusalem

Verse 1 depicts aliyah from Yemen, verse 2 from Iraq and Morocco, verse 3 Ethiopia and the former USSR. “And to Jerusalem, Your city, may You return in compassion, and may You rest within it, as you have spoken.” –Liturgy

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