Songs of Israel

Shomer Yisrael: Guardian of Israel

WARNING: This Song of Israel destroys sadness and boredom! It brings joy into your heart as Shabbat approaches.


Unless the Lord builds the house,
Im HaShem Lo Yivneh Bayit

The builders labor in vain.
Shav Amlu Bonav Bo

Unless the Lord watches over the city,
Im HaShem Lo Yishmor Ir

the guards stand watch in vain.
Shav Shakad Shomer

Indeed, he who watches over Israel
Hinei Hinei Lo Yanum

will neither slumber nor sleep.
Lo Yanum v'Lo Yishan
Lo Yanum v'Lo Yishan

Guardian of Israel
Shomer Yisrael

The songs of Israel fill our souls and help us feel the connection even from far away.
What is your song for Israel? Send and share with your fellow Virtual Citizens of Israel!

How are You Celebrating Israel?


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