Rapping for Israel's Independence

Such a unique nation, survived annihilation
Why are we still so hated? Where’s the appreciation?
And on Israel’s independence, Holocaust is a word that even Jews don’t wanna mention
But if we’ve learned any lessons, it’s that Jews remain Jews but we we still ain’t got the message
The world’s still anti-Semitic, Israel faces destruction, and you call this independence?
Nah, we're quickly nearning a dead end, truly no time to pretend, there's a message that this hate sends

We gotta look at history, from the Romans to the Greeks, the crusades up till Germany
We gotta look at the present, even countries who don’t know us, they still hate us, and it shows us
The world still blames the Jews, so many failed attempts, but we remain the Jews,
And the world’s falling apart, there’s a reason we survived and we’re not doing our part
And the whole world feels it, we have the remedy, and we must reveal it

It’s from our ancient roots, we were united as one in love, and in truth
Surely we lack that now, but we can resurrect it, and as it turns out,
That when we connect, we make the world connect and it becomes perfect
I’m talking every single man, loves another as himself, if we just enact the plan

By uniting as one, educating the world about how to live in love
Then it can really be said, about the Holocaust and all other wrongs never again
And this is true independence, the good future lies in our hands, but we must mend this
And be the light of the nations, true educators, correcting human relations

It’s like we feel it in our gut, its all in our hands and enough is enough
The world feels it too, death to the Jews really means that we need you
And they need us to, bring to them the truth
That is unity will cure everything from the root
And for sure we ain’t better, we just carry from our past the method to come together

Now on Israel’s independence we must take on our inherited role as the descendants
Learn only only one lesson, we withstood the testing
Now it’s time to unite the world in true connection
The Jews are only free our unity, we bring the world to see that it’s a family
We are like one tree, from the roots to the branches we will grow so free

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Tags: Yom Haatzmaut, Nationalism, Music, Israel Engagement, Holocaust, Antisemitism

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