The UN's unhealthy obsession with Israel

No matter how you feel about the United Nations, it is the one place where people get together and attempt to speak with one voice - that's why their resolutions can make a big difference. So, when people all around the world see that 40% of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Resolutions were against just one country, most of us would assume that country to be a really bad place; perhaps ruled by a genocidal dictator who kills his own people or maybe a tyrant continually threatening to annihilate another county.

But, the country that has been condemned more times than every repressive country on earth combined is a democracy, the only viable democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

This is the UN's unhealthy obsession with Israel explained in one short video. At the time of production 40% of the UN Human Rights Council resolutions were against Israel. Now, they are at well over 50%.

Your voice matters! Join the World Jewish Congress in its quest for equality and justice.

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Tags: United Nations, Law, Diplomacy

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