Ancient Judean coins going to NY auction

Some 900 coins spanning 11 centuries include two rare ones struck by Jewish forces revolting against Roman rule in first century A.D.

About 900 ancient Judean coins spanning 11 centuries will go on the auction block in New York in March.

They include two rare coins struck by Jewish forces revolting against Roman rule in the first century A.D.

Heritage Auctions said the sale will be March 8 and 9.

Included is one of only two known Year 1 prototype silver shekels from 66 A.D. The other is in the collection of the Israel Museum. They contain the inscription "Jerusalem is holy," an image of a ritual chalice and three pomegranates.

A Year 1 silver quarter shekel, from 70 A.D., also is only one of two known examples.

An anonymous Los Angeles-area private collector assembled the coins, known as the Shoshana Collection, over four decades.


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