The Chosen Ones: Ricki Meyer and The Lone Soldier Project

Emily Jacobs

Washington Jewish Week

Tags: Community, Diaspora, Soldiers and Defense, Education


Ricki Meyer, ConnectGens alumni

ConnectGens alumna Ricki Meyer's venture, The Lone Soldier Project, has continued to grow since the end of the Fellowship.

With book drives and donations of backpacks, blankets and more, The Lone Soldier Project is working to expand its campus college outreach and has hosted programs at universities in Boston, Wisconsin and the District. Meyer and her team also organized a letter campaign that successfully sent 200 messages of encouragement directly to the Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin from more than nine countries.

This past summer, The Lone Soldier Project partnered with The Israel Forever Foundation and joined the young professional LEADS through Boston's Combined Jewish Philanthropy to learn more about the lives of lone soldiers and record voice messages for them.


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