Israel's Water Crisis is Over

Amir Ben David

Ynet News

Tags: Science and Technology, Land and Nature


The Sea of Galilee (The Kinnert in Hebrew) is Israel's main source of freshwater. This photo was taken after the winter storm that saw the Kinnert rise by 80cm in water levels in the span of five days.

After seven dry years that sent Israel into somewhat of a water austerity regiment the Water Authority announced last week that it was lifting the "severe drought" advisory issued for the water market several year ago.

"The water crisis is over," said Water Authority Head Alexander Kushner, adding that while the water market is stable, Israelis should not become complacent.

According to the Water Authority, while the heavy rains of late were a blessed addition to Lake Kinneret – Israel's main source of freshwater – it is the fast-growing desalination and water reclamation industry that is responsible for bringing Israel back from the brink.


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