Israel Forever Ambassadors

We have IFF Ambassadors from all over the world doing incredible work to recruit new Virtual Citizens of Israel and help spread the word and garner interest in our Israel Forever initiatives and programs. Through the development of collaborative programming with other organizations, they are able to promote and share Ahavat Israel with the people around them.

Engage your love for Israel in the most innovative ways! Come join our team!

Be a part of Israel Forever!

As a representative of The Israel Forever Foundation, you will have the unique opportunity to be a community-wide leader in representing the unique efforts of Israel Forever: To celebrate and strengthen the personal connection to Israel.

We provide you the necessary support to:

Now, more than ever, we need to combine our strengths and our passion for Israel.

Together we can enhance the personal connection to Israel, encourage people to be a part of the Virtual Citizens of Israel™ global community and share our Ahavat Israel with the world.

As an Israel Forever Ambassador, you are able to join a team working to accomplish this virtually, globally and effectively.



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