Yom HaShoah: Memory, Identity and Connection

We remember the 6 million Jews who lost their lives simply for being Jews. But the memory of those we have lost is never far from our minds and hearts.

Civilized nations remained silent as an entire world was nearly destroyed. It is our responsibility that we shall never remain silent in the face of memory even as we move further away from the tragedy that took the lives of so many.

Memory and Identity Across the Generations

IFF Yom Hashoah Ceremony

The IFF Yom HaShoah Ceremony reflects not only on the memory of the 6 million victims, but also on the personal connection to Holocaust Memory for the younger generation today.

Reflective Readings of Memory

Reflective Readings of Memory

From personal stories of those souls who didn't survive the Holocaust, to survivors who witnessed the horrors...The Mourners Kaddish in Hebrew and in English and finally, rising from the Ashes - Hatikva, a song of hope, The Israeli National Anthem.

Songs of Remembrance

Songs of Remembrance

Listen to Eli Eli, a hauntingly beautiful prayer written by Hannah Senesh and learn a modern Holocaust song. Hundreds of memorial songs to those who perished can be heard throughout Israel during Yom HaShoah.

Holocaust Memory In Israel

Holocaust Memory In Israel

It is in fact because we did not have Israel that the Holocaust could happen.

Yom HaShoah in Israel through Photographs and Songs

Yom HaShoah in Israel through Photographs and Songs

While listening to songs heard throughout Israel during Yom HaShoah, witness photographs of brave men and women who were lost to us during the Holocaust. We will never forget.

There will always be an echo of the dream of those victims who perished believing in the words of Hatikvah that someday we might be able to fulfill the 2000 year old dream and return to our ancient homeland to live free as Jews in a Jewish State.


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