Virtual Citizen of Israel

Stronger Together As Virtual Citizens of Israel.

Three innocent boys. Three cut-short lives. The tears flowed from the four corners of the world. An entire nation wept as one.

You want - actually you feel the need - to do something to keep that feeling of unity alive... but what?

You, as a Virtual Citizen of Israel, have the power to influence others who are looking to channel their positive energies to deepening their connection with Israel.

Encourage your friends - at least three - be recognized as Virtual Citizens of Israel (VCI) and to to stand united as B'nei Yisrael, Children of Israel, inherently bound to our home, our nation, our state.

Feel a sense of belonging with others who stand united in our declaration of commitment and pride as Jews, as one nation, the nation of Israel.

By demonstrating our unwavering support of Israel, we tell the world in a clear voice
Am Yisrael Chai!

The Virtual Citizen of Israel network gives you access to ongoing Israel engagement and opportunities to connect with fellow Virtual Citizens of Israel and citizens of Israel alike through virtual and local programs where we can engage with one another, learn, talk, comfort, explore, and truly foster a unity that will outlast our enemies!

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