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Get into the Olympic spirit from Israeli Olympians. As the Rio Olympics are getting underway, watch footage of three Israeli Olympic athletes as they talk about representing Israel in the Olympics. See Olympic windsurfers Shahar Tzuberi and Gal Fridman as well as Judoka Arik Ze'evi.

Watch this great video about Israeli participation in the Olympics from the beginning until Gal Fridman’s gold medal in the 2004 Atlanta games.

Israeli Olympic participation from the beginning until 2004

Listen to Israel's Olympic Windsurfer Shahar Tzuberi talk about his training for and participation in the games.

Shahar Tzuberi- Israeli Olympic Bronze Medalist in Windsurfing

For Israel, Gal Fridman changed the way the international sporting community viewed our small spot of land, deep in the Middle East. He brought home the first ever gold medal for our country that until that day had no real, respected presence in the Olympic world. Indeed, in years past we had actually been hounded at such global sporting events. The video is in Hebrew, but even without subtitles, the action is stunning.

Gal Fridman - Israeli Olympic Gold Medalist in windsurfing (Israel’s first gold medal)

Arik Ze'evi is an Olympic bronze medal finalist in the 2004 Summer Olympics Judo 100 kg class in Athens. Watch a video interview and footage of him playing judo. Read his book “Fighting Daily Battles”

Arik Ze'evi - Israeli Olympic Bronze Medalist in Judo


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Tags: Athletes4Israel, Israel Engagement, Video, Terror, People and Society


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