The Life of an IDF Tanker

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No words can describe how hard is it to be a tanker. Tank crews are not just soldiers - being a tanker means that you're willing to spend all day and night in the tank, working on the machine and making sure that it's perfect, because after all, the tank serves us in our greatest times of need - in battle and in war.

In this video, I share with you a snapshot of our battalion's activities over a 4 month training period in the Golan Heights. Through the lens of my GoPro camera you can see a small part of what we are doing day-to-day and how we are always preparing for the next war. Due to the harsh reality of this region, we must train and be ready to switch from normal mode to fighting mode in an instant. In this video you can see many of our training exercises to prepare for this possibility. My favorite exercise was when we had to get out of the tank to take a wounded soldier to a safe place while fighting and securing him as infantry soldiers, without the tanks.

Nowadays it is clear: one tank is more powerful than a whole platoon of infantry soldiers. Before the war in Gaza people didn't quite understand what tanks were for or how powerful they really were. Today, people appreciate us - the tankers - for our hard work and the important role we play in the course of battle.

It is so warming to see people from all over the world supporting us and showing the IDF their love. It makes me very happy to know that there are people, regardless of what might be portrayed in the media, who know the truth about Israel and our army.

On behalf of all the soldiers I thank the Israel Forever Foundation and this outpouring of love that keeps us doing what we do - keeping Israel safe. I hope you enjoy this video and learn a bit more about Israel, the army and our service to this country.

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Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Israel Engagement

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