Journey to Statehood: Exodus 1947


A story of fortitude and hope. A legacy of inspiration and vision.

The Exodus 1947 carried a cargo of 4515 Holocaust survivors. They were determined to get to Palestine, the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people. After a week on board, their hopes were dashed by the invasion of the British army, which forcibly deported the Jews back to Germany after being prevented from disembarking on the shores of Israel.

The voyage of the Exodus left the deepest impression on public consciousness, quickly becoming a beacon for Zionism and a symbol to all that neither guns, cannons, nor warships could stand in the way of the human need for a home. Yossi Harel, Commander of the Exodus

The plight of the Exodus was a turning point in international recognition of the need for a safe haven for the Jewish People. It aroused worldwide support for the Zionist cause, and became an impetus for the subsequent United Nations vote in favor of the creation of a Jewish sovereign state in the Land of Israel.

Remembering the Exodus is not only about Israel. It is about the ingathering of all Jewry, together, fulfilling our prayers and dreams of a return home, a safe place where all Jews can live free.

The Exodus Memorial Project is a collaborative endeavor with the Jewish Agency for Israel, the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, and the American Zionist Movement.