Diaspora Jews and Israel’s Jewish Democracy
Free Speech: A Double-Edged Sword - Parashat Tazria
The Gift of Giving | Parashat Terumah
Intersecting Identities Activity
Turning Trash Into Art
Color Me Maccabee Coloring Book
Color Me Maccabee Coloring Book
Chanukah Foil Art
Coping with Trauma: Tips and Activities for Parents and Children
Israeli Mock Government Activity
Israel's Medical Innovations: Icebreaker
Shabbat Talks - Forgiveness
Who by Fire | Leonard Cohen
On Rosh Hashanah...
Munich Memory Project Sports Day
Shabbat Talks - Munich Memory Project
Redefining 70
Kites For Hope
Letters of Friendship Strength & Solidarity
70 Names of Jerusalem Art Activity
Limits of Labels: Addressing the Challenges to Jewish Unity
Symbols of Jewish Unity Mixed Media Collage
Yerushalayim Micrography
Hatikvah - Text-based Art
Israel@70 printable stickers
Mosaic Israeli Flag
Hatikvah: This is what victory looks like
Flame of Life: Text Based Art
Passover arts
Sukkot Arts
Balfour Initiative: Activities
70 Faces of Israel: Activities
Sukkot: Activities
Chanukah Activities
Glass Painting Pesach Plates
Purim Puppet Show
Knock Down Haman Bowling
Write My Megillah - a Life’s Story Scroll
What's In YOUR Name?
Seven Species of Israel Family Trees
Seven Species Fabric Collage
Favorite Israeli Fruit Trees: A Watercolor Resist Painting
Lyrical Tu B’Shevat Micrography Art
Chanukah Lyrical Art of Modi'in
Create your own Maccabean Shield
One of a kind Sand Art Chanukiah
Plan Your Balfour Bash
Create Your Own Monochromatic Pomegranates
Pomegranate Still Life Paintings By Reuven Rubin
Create Your Own Pomegranate Mixed Media Trees
Rosh Hashanah Reflections of Israel and Art
The Best Thing That Happened To You This Year
Rimonim inspired by Israeli Artists Nachum Gutman and Reuven Rubin
Create Your Own Cornerstone Activity
The Plant Israel at Home™ Tu B'Shevat Seder
Cooking Israel For Tu B'Shevat
Plant Israel At Home In Your Community
How To Build A Model Sukkah