Links in the Chain

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Every year we move further away from the tragic events of the Holocaust. As time passes, memory fades, and Holocaust denial and distortion grows. Every one of us is a link in the chain of Jewish history and memory. We each have the ability to make a difference in how we give to the past a living future, to share the experiences of our people with integrity as we etch them into our souls with each effort to remember. Let us deepen the meaning of Never Forget.

Learn, understand, remember and transmit the lessons of the Holocaust through reflective resources and experiential programs that open portals to Jewish life in the shadow of death.


Effective transmission of Holocaust memory encourages critical thinking skills in analyzing what forces influence the growth of Antisemitism, the implementation of a hate-based ideology, the causes of social collaboration, and the overwhelming apathy and indifference of whole populations which allowed the openly known murder of a recognized and “accepted” people - the Jews - to take place. The particularity of the victimization of Jews in the Holocaust set a precedent for the capabilities of evil to thrive among mankind. Terror has many faces, and this was but one.

The Jewish experience during the Holocaust, just as that of any persecuted group, deserves to be remembered for its own sake - not in comparison or competition with any other historical event. To do so diminishes its uniqueness.

We are the links in the chain of history, inheriting the legacy of Jewish life that thrived even under the most horrific of circumstances, hearing their pain, understanding their fears, and inspired by their endless hope and faith while facing only momentary survival.

For a personalized experience of Holocaust reflection, please contact Elana Heideman. She is available for private tours, heritage journeys, lectures, program design, workshops and inspirational talks in Israel and abroad.


Explore the connection between Holocaust, Hope and Israel in our effort to remember and make meaning out of our history as a people.

Tags: Holocaust, memory, Education, History, Antisemitism