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Israel is a beacon of democracy whose legal founding, rights, and civil liberties are affirmed in both Israeli and international law. Explore the elements of legal, indigenous, human rights, and Jewish rights as expressions of the only Jewish and democratic state that stands for justice, freedom and equality for all her citizens.

Many repeat slogans without verifying facts, many assumptions and accusations are made against the Jewish nation state such as:
  • How is it possible to balance a Jewish state with being a democratic state? Is it possible?
  • What about non-Jewish minorities?
  • Does Israel have a legal right to exist at all?
  • Does Israel commit human rights violations?
  • What about apartheid? Is Israel a racist endeavor?

When armed with knowledge and facts it is easy to address all questions, answering them with pride. Knowing how to differentiate between legitimate questions and concerns versus repetition of antisemitic propaganda couched as being “only anti-Zionist.” These resources and tools will help you to stay informed and share with family, friends, educators and community leaders to increase Jewish literacy on these fundamental elements of our Jewish democratic sovereign state.

Legal Rights and Steps to Statehood

Jewish Nation State


Human rights


Lawfare is the use of law as a weapon of war. This form of asymmetric warfare, uses the legal system against an enemy to damage, delegitimize, inconvenience, consume time and resources and win public relations victories.

How can you make a difference in spreading the truth about Israel?

Tags: Law, Education, Legal Rights, 70 Faces, Human Rights