Inclusive Israel


“For in the image of God has God made mankind” (Genesis 9:6)

Inclusion is given different priority in different societies. Even when it is agreed that inclusion is a worthy goal, the amount of effort invested and the methods applied vary.

How are Jewish values reflected in the ideal of inclusion?

Do you think that the way inclusion is handled in Israel is different than the way it is approached in your community? If so, why?

What can Jewish communities around the world learn from the Israeli approach to inclusion?

In Inclusive Israel we aim to define what The Israel Forever Foundation sees as the underlying principles of the Israeli approach to inclusion, including examples of specific initiatives that can provide inspiration for inclusion in Jewish communities everywhere and serve as an additional way to connect with Israel - through organizations that make your heart sing and in the joy of knowing what the tiny Jewish State has achieved.

“If you can dream it, you can make it real.”