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The Israel Forever Blog is a dynamic collection of personal perspectives, insights and stories that empower others to explore and strengthen their own personal connection to Israel.

We invite you to share your voice while helping inspire others to consider the value of Israel as an integral part of Jewish life and identity.


As an Israel Engagement Organization that welcomes a variety of voices and perspectives, we aim to emphasize all aspects of the Israel connection in an apolitical, non-denominational, inclusive context.

● Be innovative, creative and keep your readers coming back for more!

● Be sincere and speak from your point of view on how you keep your Israel connection going from the Diaspora.

● Posts can emphasize an actual or virtual personal experience and can include any external links you would like.

● Please provide images, links or digital media that will enhance the appearance of the piece for our global readership. We try to include at least 3 images or video in each article. We also request that you include a short author bio and photo with your piece.

● When submitting a photograph that is not your own, obtain permission or cite the photographer.

● When quoting any other article or publication, be sure to provide a web link to the original which will be included in the piece.

Please note we do not accept submissions that include the following:

● Overtly political or religious interpretations.

● Unsuitable language or images.

● Information that is unlawful, abusive, defamatory, plagiarized or invasive of another's privacy

● We do not accept anonymous or pseudonymous pieces.

In our effort to bring attention to the good work being done around the world for the benefit of Israel, we are happy to promote projects or organizations. We will work with you to determine the best avenue for a mutually beneficial outreach.

Contact Us for more information on promoting your initiative or organization to our global community of Virtual Citizens of Israel!


We receive many submissions and feature only one guest writer per day to give each article the attention it deserves.

● Each post we receive is first reviewed for acceptance criteria. These include relevance to our mission, lasting impact (beyond just current events), and educational value. Following review, a member of our team will contact you at the earliest opportunity to confirm our interest in publication of your submission.

● IFF retains the right to make suggested edits to ensure a quality reading and learning experience. You of course have final approval of the post before it is published to the public. Should any additional edits be needed, you are welcome to let us know so that we can implement your changes at our earliest convenience.

● Publication dates are determined on a rolling basis and can be affected by holidays or events as well as any editing that may be required. While we try to ensure your article will be published at the earliest possible opening, publication can take as long as 2 weeks following submission, and occasionally longer. We make an effort to feature only one guest writer per day in order to give you all the attention your article deserves!

● Once submitted, IFF retains the ownership of the written piece and it is within our rights to use the content of the article as fitting for our ongoing efforts to reach the Jewish world and inspire their Israel connection. If you are sending the piece to multiple publications, please notify us immediately if it’s been accepted elsewhere. 

We appreciate your patience throughout our review and production process and look forward to sharing your submission!


Israel Forever prides ourselves on the integrity of our cross-posting and sharing practices for the sake of every writer, photographer, and reader around the world.

● We welcome previously published articles or stories to be re-posted on The Israel Forever Blog. Full credit is given to the author and will include a link to the original publication.

● In the event that your article is selected to be featured on The Blog by our expert staff, we make every effort to contact you in sufficient time to receive your permission for cross-posting.


Encourage your readers to take action that YOU inspire through your article. Help them explore the relevance, the significance by engaging them in a conversation with you, your story, and themselves.

Spark their interaction by providing questions that you think speak to today's generation. Your article might even be featured as a part of our #ShabbatTalks series, or as a part of our programming resources that we promote for use in all venues, regions and communities in the Jewish world.

Suggest a Call to Action that you feel connects to or addresses something you share. This can include grassroots initiatives, small businesses, crowdfunding campaigns, or any form of personal activism that advances the Israel connection.


People love to interact with writers. You can keep an eye out for when your story gets featured again and check back for more comments that you might want to respond to.

We have a lot to learn from and give to each other - let Israel Forever be your place to connect with fellow Virtual Citizens of Israel all over the world.

Am Echad im Lev Echad! V'ein lanu eretz acheret עם איד עם לב אחד - ואין לנו ארץ אחרת

Come explore the many voices from Virtual Citizens of Israel all over the world!

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Tags: Writers, Advocacy, Israel Engagement