Shifting Perspectives

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Contemporary attitudes are a microcosm of what is happening worldwide. Public opinion is dominated by the misinformation and bias of mainstream media against Israel and Jewish rights, enabling an entire generation to be brainwashed by lies and distortions. The young generation especially is struggling to distinguish fact from fake news, emotion from reason, and history from narrative. How can we shift perspectives?

The majority of today’s individuals are uninformed about Israel and Jewish values. Propaganda-driven mass messaging, political manipulations, and social tensions make it increasingly difficult to know what and who to believe. Jewish students on campus have a wealth of opportunities through the many campus-based organizations doing important work to aid Jewish student communities in their struggles against AntiZionism and Antisemitism. StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Chabad, Hillel, CAMERA, Maccabee Task Force and others host events and run programs that are a crucial element in the active engagement of those wanting to join the fight against the rising trend of popular hatred and extremism, and are instrumental to the fight against BDS, Apartheid Week and other hatefests that happen around the clock and around the globe.

To force a shift in perspectives, personal activism must be employed as a key element to challenging the antisemitic stream that is dominating the conversation. On college campuses or in real life, those not interested in being public or outspoken can be encouraged in their pursuit of learning more about the truth beyond the lies in fun and engaging ways.

We can all be a part of helping others understand better the tools necessary to opening their eyes and minds to the truth. Use Israel Forever as a virtual resource to educate yourself, discuss with friends, counter the hate and lies, and teach others. We are proud to present tools and resources for use around the globe seeking to make change in a personal and meaningful way.


Shifting Perspectives was created to challenge falsehood about negative perceptions towards Israel, that are usually uninformed. Read more about how to empower people in learning facts that will shift their perspectives, and allow them to see the truth.


These activities aim to challenge negative perspectives with evidence and facts about Israel, through an interactive learning experience that strengthens our awareness of Jewish rights and pride in the Jewish state and the Jewish land. As well as opening people's minds we need to open their hearts too.


We need to take charge of the future of Israel. Teaching the truth and increasing the apprehension of our history and culture to combat the negativity and antisemitism.

Continue your growth, learning about Israel and the fight against antisemitism

Tags: Advocacy, Media, News, Home Featured Programs