Israel Returns

Tags: Memory, Zionism, Jewish Identity


The story of Soviet Jewry is one of bravery, solidarity, and the power of individuals to affect real change. The process of igniting Jewish identity in the USSR and of liberating the Jewish population was one of the most defining and unifying events of the last 50 years for the Jewish community, and yet there are few organized resources for teaching this period.

Whereas most of the Soviet Jewry movement is focused on American Jewish involvement, there were major events happening in Israel, and Israel was a primary destination. Yet references to Israel are almost entirely absent from the history of this monumental time period in Jewish history.

The aim of this program is to encourage an understanding of the unique role Israel played in fostering Soviet Jewish identity and in aiding their freedom return to Zion. Each article can be used to initiate discussion and increase awareness of this pivotal moment in Jewish history. The activities are suitable for learners and groups of all ages.

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Tags: Memory, Zionism, Jewish Identity