Redefining 70

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By Ondria Camile Rees

This activity was designed as an intuitive way to connect with the significance of the number 70 for the Nation of Israel.

This activity can be done by people of all ages, as an individual or group project.

Create your unique definition of 70!

Express the mystical significance of the number 70 in Jewish tradition or your version of the “faces” you believe represent the 70 Faces of Israel. These can be pictures, drawings, symbols, or even words.

The result of this activity will be a mosaic of elements that together are the essence of what 70 means to you!


  • Blank, white sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Paint + Paintbrush (or whatever colors you have available – markers, crayons etc.)


  • Glue
  • Random materials to glue onto the paper (photos, sand, dirt, rocks, aluminum foil, yarn)


  1. Take your blank paper and your masking tape
  2. Cut the tape, make a “70” with the pieces of tape in the middle of the paper
  3. Take your pencil and create a mosaic of 70 pieces surrounding the number 70 (the pieces do not have to be square, but any form you wish)
  4. Fill each mosaic piece different colors. If you are using paint, start with the primary colors so they blend together to make other colors
  5. Glue your random objects onto some or all the mosaic pieces. You can also use words as one of the elements you add to your mosaic pieces!
  6. Remove masking tape to reveal your negative-space creation

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About the Author

Ondria Camile Rees
Ondria Camile Rees is a proud Jew by Choice, having converted in 2013. On Birthright Israel in June of 2016 she fell in love with the country, and made aliyah in 2020. Over the summer of 2018 she interned for the Israel Forever Foundation, and has been a VCI Ambassador ever since. After completing her degree in design and her aliyah, she drafted into the IDF in 2021.

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Tags: Arts and Culture, 70 Faces, Activities, Art Activities