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Understanding Lone Soldiers #3: Endurance - Physical and Mental

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by David Besnainou

I decided to brave my foot injury and start running again. I figured the best way to heal is to continue training. Now, I look forward to uncoiling in the evening and reconnecting with my body. As my heart pounds and my lungs burn, I relish the tingle in my hands and feet.

This incredible lightness of being is awesome.

I feel free and intrepid.

But like anything that is enjoyable at first, it does not last forever.

Soon enough, I need to start pushing myself again and testing my limits. To become a great runner, I must start to train diligently and follow an intense regimen. Specific goals and success benchmarks will allow me to quantify my progress.

Lone Soldiers face similar challenges. When they first join the army, they are excited to pursue a high calling and defend Israel. They meet interesting people as they are exposed to a culture that is entirely different from their own.

Photo By: Garin Mahal

Soon however, the honeymoon fades and lone soldiers must begin to follow an intense training program. What used to be fun and exciting becomes challenging and frightening. Lone Soldiers begin to endure rigorous training to improve their physical prowess and mental agility.

Like the Maccabees did many centuries ago, Lone Soldiers postpone freedom to serve a higher purpose.

Archive Photo: IDF

In this light, I will devise an intense training regimen. Even though this challenge is intimidating, it will compel me to run faster. I want to follow a rigorous half-marathon training guide.

Please let me know if you know a good regimen – send an email to with your advice!

Join me on my journey from the beginning!

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