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Israel Forever content is curated to inspire every Jewish home and heart.

Our website is filled with a wide range of versatile content that mirrors the background and interests of our multi-dimensional Global Jewish communities.

ABOUT OUR CONTENT Every blog, program and initiative is designed to encourage discussion, debate and reflection by being: informative personal engaging thought provoking visually appealing

EXPLORE ISRAEL: Our content is organized into categories according to relevant themes, putting the kaleidoscope of Israel at the fingertips of Jews from anywhere in the world, from all types of backgrounds and affiliations..

We encourage you to explore the many great topics and categories of content for you to use in your classroom, with your friends and family, or anywhere you want to bring Israel to life.

BEYOND CONTENT: CONTINUED READING LINKS AND MORE Every article featured on Israel Forever includes recommendations for further reading on related topics of interest. We try to ensure that a wide range of opinions and views are represented

You will also find a Call to Action - a featured initiative, campaign, program or partner project - that we present to mobilize and activate the personal connection we are seeking to foster.

Discussion questions are often included with our content to deepen awareness and critical thinking, and to encourage reflection by individual readers while simultaneously providing useful tools for educators and community or youth leaders to use in any relevant setting.

For example, community leaders seeking to engage their membership in open-ended, thought-provoking analysis of certain topics can share an Israel Forever blog on their website, in a mailing, or on their Facebook pages. Use of our content is free of charge, but we ask you to please link back to the original article out of respect for our writers, who trust Israel Forever as the preferred platform for sharing their voice.

SEARCH ISRAEL Searching for a topic or theme couldn’t be easier with two main avenues available.

Our tag listing enables visitors to search based on keywords, This feature pulls all of our content together into one useable thread, bringing together multiple categories and programs based on your search choice.

Searching via predetermined categories allows our users to browse content based on a specific theme, be it Reading Israel, Rosh Hoshana or any number of options we have made available.

In addition to adding fresh new articles, Israel Forever maintains an extensive archive of thought provoking Israel focused content that rivals global leaders in this area.

INITIATIVES Israel Forever initiatives are designed around a particular concept or goal, such as The Israel Memory Project, or The Balfour Initiative. All of our Initiatives include an engagement opportunity or campaign related content that is informative and inspiring, calls to action, as well as resources and interactive program ideas when relevant.

PROGRAMS include but are not limited to: Suggested content sets for group activities In-class activities Readings for use in lectures/presentations Reflection activities Critical thinking discussion questions Educator how-tos Lesson plans/curricula

RESOURCES include but are not limited to: Reflective readings Primary sources Discussion guides

Content and resources crafted by Israel Forever’s experienced staff include: Specialty content based on a topic of interest Programs, agendas, and activities for conferences Informational exhibitions, both live and virtual Supplementary learning content packages

HELP US ENGAGE MORE JEWS WITH ISRAEL FOREVER INSPIRATION Project development support and directed gifts of $25,000 or more from individuals, families, and family foundations play a vital role in the research, development, production, and distribution of all of our programs and initiatives. Consider making a donation earmarked for one of our initiatives or programs today!



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At Israel Forever, we aspire to cultivate and advance personal connections with the multi-faceted reality of Israel that will foster understanding, respect, involvement and pride in Israel. Our mission is to connect the Jews of the world with Israel in a personal way--to bring Israel home to every Jew, no matter where they live.

We want everyone to be able to read and use our work and share it with friends, so all of our content (unless stated) is available for you to republish online or in print for free under a Creative Commons Commons Attribution licence 2.0. We ask that you inform us of the use of our materials, and include an original link in every published piece.