Swim4Sadna: Supporting Inclusivity in Israel
Disarming Israel’s Revisionist Detractors
We've done so much in 2017, together we can do even more in 2018!
Celebrate Balfour Through Art
What does Israel Forever mean to you?
Share Your Story: Submission Guidelines
Balfour Celebration at Israel’s Knesset
Zionism Forward: AZM Washington National Conference 2017
Kristallnacht:The Glass is Still Breaking
Reflections on Balfour 100 by Rabbi Sacks
Celebrating Balfour 100: Centenary Activities to Honor History
Building the Land: Balfour and Beyond by David ben Gurion
Reflections on a Creative Stateman: Moshe Sharett on Chaim Weizman and Path to Balfour
Freedom Farm Sanctuary: another way Israel is repairing the world
The strength of modern Zionism 120 years after first WZC
Balfour Fun With Friends
Reading and Discussion
10 Minute Balfour Quiz
Host a Balfour Bash in Your Community
AZM Washington National Conference: In The Spirit of Balfour
Jewish Identity, People and Society

Aug 14, 2017

Inspiring Interns

Jewish Identity, People and Society
Remembering Jerusalem

Jul 3, 2017

Remembering Jerusalem

Who is A Soldier?

Jun 28, 2017

Who is A Soldier?

Connecting With Israel Every Day
There is No Zionism Without Jerusalem
Rabbi Sacks on Jerusalem: The 50th Anniversary of Reunification
Jerusalem, Israel Engagement, Arts and Culture

May 21, 2017

Songs of Jerusalem

Own a Piece of Jerusalem
Quotes of Jerusalem

May 19, 2017

Quotes of Jerusalem

Images of Jerusalem

May 19, 2017

Images of Jerusalem

Create Your Own Cornerstone Activity
Israel, I Love You

May 14, 2017

Israel, I Love You

Celebrate Jerusalem Day 50
75 Years after Historic Biltmore Conference, The American Zionist Movement Launches “Year of Zionist Anniversaries”
March Of The Living Virtual Citizens of Israel: Connecting The Past With The Future
Healing Arts at Good Deeds Day 2017
Veganism and Birthright: Together at Last
In Israel, a Dream Made Real
Introductions to Panels at AZM Biennial 2017
A Zionist Inside and Out: Karen Rubinstein
Israel: Always in my Heart and Art
Seeds of Inspiration: Israel Forever Bloggers
Creating Real Change in the Lives of Israel's Children
Tu B'Shevat Seder NOVA JCC 2017
We Stand United with Israel Rally
To the Jewish People from Battalion 969
Matisyahu in Concert: Exhibition Opening Night

Nov 3, 2016

Answers to 10 Minute Balfour Quiz

A Reevaluation of the Balfour Declaration
RSVP for The UN Vote Then and Now
We Stand Together Rally NYC
Raise a Glass in Memory
Before His Aliyah: Classical Pianist Daniel Adam Maltz at Carnegie Hall
Continuity - The Story of the Israeli Family
Continuity - The Story of the Israeli Family
Cycling for the Soul

Oct 6, 2016

Cycling for the Soul

Happy Rosh HaShanah From Our Lone Soldiers
"This Is Pro-Israel Activism Like You've Never Seen It Before" with Judy Lash Balint of JerusalemDiaries
10 Ways You Know Rosh Hashana is Approaching in Israel
Terror on my Block

Sep 28, 2016

Terror on my Block

A drawer full of running shirts, a heart full of memories
An Optimistic Man

Sep 18, 2016

An Optimistic Man

The Smarter Bomb: Women and Children as Suicide Bombers
Accomodation vs Inclusion: How Israel is Unique
Elah Valley

Aug 21, 2016

Elah Valley

Great New Activity in Gush Etzion!
Leket Israel: Get Back to Our Roots
Yarden Gerbi, Rio Olympics 2016
Videos to watch about Israeli participation in the Olympics
Israel Forever Bloggers
The Importance of Israel Engagement
Letters of Friendship, Solidarity and Strength
Stop The Hate-Stand With Israel
Alan Dershowitz Accepts Honorary Chairmanship of Virtual Citizens of Israel of The Israel Forever Foundation
Carrying The Torch: Yom HaAtzmaut March of the Living Celebration
Virtual Citizens of Israel™, March of The Living and Yom Ha'Atzmaut
What’s Your Dating Style: The Four Son’s Dating Profile Revealed
How to free yourself from slavery this Passover
Healing Arts at Good Deeds Day 2016
Reveal Israel Mailing List
Eight Passover Reveals
The Truth Behind Israel and South African Apartheid
Make Israel Personal at Summer Camp
Make Israel Personal at Summer Camp
Images Through Time

Feb 17, 2016

Images Through Time

Roy Assaf Trio at NOVA JCC
Tel Aviv Community Yom HaShoah Memorial Ceremony Defiance in the Face of Despair
18 Seeds of Inspiration from Israel
Come for a Visit In The Sabra Patch
Craving Connection

Jan 18, 2016

Craving Connection

Tu B'Shevat Seder NOVA

Jan 16, 2016

Tu B'Shevat Seder NOVA

Who Gives You Seeds of Inspiration
Artists & Soldiers Bond Over Israel
What do we mean when we say 'We are All Israel'?

Dec 14, 2015

Transparency: Where the Money Goes in a Small Non-Profit

Feeling Good About Israel
Israction Day 2015

Dec 2, 2015

Israction Day 2015

I Give Because...

Dec 1, 2015

I Give Because...

Dec 1, 2015

Program-Directed Donations: Giving Small Non-Profits a Chance to Grow