Golan Community Security Emergency Campaign

With our attention on Israel’s southern border, the situation on the northern border is becoming increasingly threatened. The Hamas plans for October 7 were copied from Hezbollah’s plans for an attack on the Galilee. Since those atrocities, armies of experienced war criminals have massed on Israel’s borders with Lebanon and Syria. They attack Israel on a daily basis, and the scale of the attacks is growing.

Alonei HaBashan in the Golan Heights is Israel’s easternmost community and the closest Jewish community to the Syrian border. With 90 families, it’s the kind of idyllic place where our children play outside and wander freely from a young age. We don’t have street names or house numbers; we all just know where everyone else lives.

I’m Andrew Bennett, an American lawyer and nonprofit professional, and I live with my wife and little kids in these stunning hills. Members of my community – farmers, teachers, and nurses – lack the financial means to purchase the needed equipment, and the Israeli government and Jewish institutions are overwhelmed responding to the crisis in the south.
The last few weeks have only strengthened our conviction that our presence here is necessary for the security of the entire country. But we need your help to increase our protection – before the armies of evil come to murder us. Communities like ours on the Syrian border are vulnerable, and we are in need of vital equipment to improve our situation not only in the coming days but also for years to come.

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