Guardians of Israel Gift Cards

Feed a Soldier’s Family

Donate NOW to help feed milium (reserve) soldiers of the elite YATAR unit.

Separated from their families, away from their businesses, and volunteering on the front lines. Taking risks to zoom in and out of battles to rescue injured soldiers, chasing terrorists and capturing those who infiltrate into the sands by the sea.

Soldiers such as these deserve to be able to enjoy something special: they worry so much about our safety, let us reassure them their families are secure.

Give a Guardian Gift Card* and Feed a Soldier’s Family

Help us feed 70 families, and let them feel a taste of the freedom that their brave husbands and fathers are fighting for.


Counter terrorism interception requires speed, access and high impact. YATAR ית”ר is Israel’s only compact all-terrain vehicle unit of the Israel Defense Forces. These tactical vehicles have the ability to speedily intercept terrorist attacks before they affect the lives of innocent citizens.

Help them feel the support directly in a way that makes a tangible impact on their lives. We also invite you to send a photo, artwork, blessing, and/or personal message to the soldier (or family) that will be receiving the card you are donating.

*We provide giftcards to soldiers that allow them to purchase food at any makolet or supermarket, and feed themselves, their families and their fellow soldiers as they continue to fight on the frontlines.

Israel Forever is a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.

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