October 7th caught us like the rest of the Jewish world waking up to a new but ancient chapter of Jewish history. And everyone is doing what they can to make a difference. When one of our Business Networking Group members in Jerusalem (BNI Jerusalem) that was drafted from day one of this war asked us to arrange some comfort food for his unit down south, we all jumped at the chance to get involved. As the war continues, the spontaneous request has since become a full blown operation and On the Fire Under Fire was born. 

Already we have prepared over 2,000 meals for soldiers and for families from the south that have been moved to safer parts of the country. Displaced, traumatized, and needing the support of community love, every mangal made space for people to be comforted in this difficult time. 

In towns and cities, even in places where the soldiers are deep in the fire zones - we are there to uplift their spirits. Musicians join in and everyone contributes how they can.
With your donations, we can continue with this initiative and help our brothers and sisters in need.  Our goal is to host a BBQ one to twice a week with the help of volunteers from our business networking group and their friends and families that prepare food, drive with us to each location, and take part in giving support and sustenance to our heroes. Seeing their smiles and appreciation is what keeps us going.  

See Pictures from these wonderful events here

In our collective memories we have not only memories of Pharaoh, Haman & Hitler but also the strength & resilience of the Jewish women in ancient Egypt, Esther and Mordecai Anielewich.  We see in our own eyes the importance of resilience with simple people taking part with donations, initiatives and solidarity. Please help us keep this initiative alive with donating funds that will help us purchase the food and fuel the soldiers with warmth and care.

Help us fill the hearts and bellies of our citizens and soldiers under fire!

Israel Forever is a recognized 501c3 non-profit apolitical organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

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