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In a world where everyone is an artist, sometimes the art has a greater meaning, a deeper purpose, and is something that can unite souls across the world. And as we face the hate coming at us from all sides, we recognize that art is a universal language of hope and healing. Whether it is for yourself or for others, let us make the world more beautiful, more inspired, one canvas at a time.

To honor the trauma centers, schools and community centers throughout Israel and around the world that take care of those who had suffered from terror attacks and the trauma of antisemitism and the attacks against our rights and freedom, Israel Forever is donating a special gift of Healing Arts and Letters of Friendship received from around the world sharing the love and support that connects them to a place so foreign, so far away, and too often embedded in conflict and trauma. Every recipient receives a booklet that describes the Healing Arts program, as well as experiential learning resources that can be used, shared, and distributed throughout their communities.

Send an Ecard to a loved one and be a part of this wonderful project. Healing Arts is devoted to uplifting everyone in times of strife. Through the power of art, we can bring smiles to the faces of artists young and old, as well as gifting those pieces of our heart to another in need. With your donation, you will enable us to continue this important project.

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