The Lone Soldier Project Presents

About The Lone Soldier Project: Lone Soldiers serve in the army without the comfort of their families and communities with them on the ground in Israel. With your help, we can provide Lone Soldiers with the items they need most while protecting the State of Israel. The mission of The Lone Soldier Project™ is to disseminate information about and spread awareness of Lone Soldiers to communities throughout the US. With your help we can provide support for the Soldiers who put their lives on the lines to defend the State of Israel.

About Thomas Foolery: More than 40 types of bottled beer (each one individually selected by a DC celebrity/awesome-person), mixed drinks, wine, and champagne. Of course, you can, if you want, drink like a child by choosing one of our 15 unique sodas including Cheerwine, Orange Nehi, and Dang! Root Beer. And any drink can be made into an ice cream float…our favorite combos are Guinness/Vanilla-Ice-Cream and Cheerwine/Black-Cherry-Ice-Cream!