Amplifying Elie's Echo

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In the 7 years since the passing of Elie Wiesel, we see the waning of Holocaust memory.

We are witness to a rise of hatred against Jews, parallel to a growing apathy bordering on antagonism towards the rights of Jews both in their sovereign state and abroad.

We are seeing division among our own people, and many are feeling confusion over how to defend Jewish rights and protect our future.

In the 7 years since the passing of Elie Wiesel, we see just how much of an impact his presence had on the world - for in his absence, we already struggle against the implications of the potential fading of his voice.

Elie Wiesel on Why I Am Afraid

Elie Wiesel embodied the spirit of our ancestors in his role as the carrier of a message - to the world, and to the Jewish people - on the importance of remembrance, of Torah, of Jewish dignity. But even Elie Wiesel is facing the challenge of being forgotten.

The memory of a man who helped open a door to the memory of the Holocaust is quickly fading into the distance, his voice already forgotten by too many.

To honor the yahrtzeit of the passing of Eliezer ben Shlomo Z”L, on the 26th of Sivan, we are proud to present Hearing Elie’s Echo, a unique initiative that will include virtual programming, resources and materials and a live event from his yahrzeit date to the secular date of his passing on July 2.

During these 18 days, we invite you to join fellow Virtual Citizens of Israel who seek to inherit and learn from the voice and the vision of this great leader, passionate activist, and inspirational guide.

We welcome the stories about Elie that you have to share, and we look forward to helping us all carry on the echo of this witness who transformed us all into witnesses - for the sake of the past, and for the strength of our collective Jewish future.

Let us all consider, as we sit with our families and friends, at our Shabbat tables, or with any group, anytime, anywhere, and to raise the name of Elie Wiesel to the height of awareness during this special time of memory.


  • Elie’s love of words began in his childhood in Sighet, through the learning of Torah and the reading of literature and philosophy from a young age. How do you think this may have helped him during the years of suffering in the Holocaust? 
  • Elie was in search of his purpose and pursued many opportunities to have a voice for those who perished while also fighting for the future of the living Jewish world. How did Elie have the strength to keep going in spite of the many challenges faced in trying to make a difference? 
  • What was unique about his personality that helped him on his mission? Many speak of Elie’s presence, his quiet determination, his powerful insights and immense wisdom. Have you ever met anyone who embodies these values? What are some values or qualities that make a great leader, either that Elie or another inspirational figure possess?
  • How can hearing the voice of Elie Wiesel help you understand the impact he had on listening audiences? 
  • Elie was an unknown writer for many years, and wrote 65 books by the time of his passing at the age of 87. Each one tells a different story from a different angle of Jewish experience. How many of Elie Wiesel’s books have you read? Why do you think most of his books are unknown, and what can you do to make sure more people read his works?

To invite Dr. Elana Heideman, student and protege of Elie Wiesel and world expert on the Holocaust and Antisemitism, to run a presentation for your group, or for assistance in designing a unique memorial reflection program, contact us.

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Tags: Jewish Identity, History, Holocaust, Memory, Inspiration and Hope, Conversation Starters, Elie Wiesel