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By Heather

About a year ago, while I was refreshing my news feed and reading news online, I suddenly felt angry. I don't remember now the specific article that made me angry, but I certainly remember why.

It was another article that showed – in a very manipulative way – the "dark" side of Israel. I remember that I asked myself why.

Why does it seem that there are so many people who work so hard to tarnish the name of Israel, to de-legitimize it, to boycott it – and why the other voices, the pro-Israel ones, aren't being heard loud enough.

At that particular moment I made a decision – I will try as hard as I can to change this evil picture. "But what can you possibly do?" I asked myself, "How can I – an average Israeli woman – make a change?".

It took me some time to answer those questions, but I did. And the answer was, in one word: Israelikers.

My name is Heather and I'm 32 years old. I'm a proud Israeli citizen and I've lived in Israel my whole life. I love this country – and I truly believe in it. As a content manager in a digital media agency, I came up with an unique idea: To create a very friendly system that will forward to its subscribers – people with the same aim as mine – some positive, interesting and important content about Israel once a week, and able them to simply share it via mail or Facebook.

My friends in the agency were very enthusiastic about this idea and we decided that we'll make this project happen. We turned to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and we got its blessing. After few months of hard work, the new system – called Israelikers – was finally ready!

Israelikers is a very simple system: After you'll sign up, you'll receive an email from us once a week with an article, a video or other content that we think the whole world should know about.

It can be a political item that deals with the BDS and tries to explain why we believe it's wrong.

It can be an article about an Israeli cultural achievement.

It can be a funny and viral video that shows the beauty of our country.

The important thing is that it will always be something which will help us increase the exposure to the positive, innovative and cultural sides of Israel and that our subscribers will be able to share and spread it – in just two simple clicks!

I know many of you feel that the last thing you need right now is another weekly mail that will spam your mail boxes. To cater to your busy lifestyle, our mails are super friendly, short and simple. 

Your one little click can make a difference.

So come on and Join us
and help us fill the world with all the good of Israel we can all share, including the awesome content of Israel Forever of course!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook as well, to stay on top of all the great shares and likes!

How do you share your IsraelLove?

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Tags: Social Media, News, Israel engagement